GkPackage Software Manager for AppImage is a voluntary and nonprofit (GPL license) project. And everything possible is done to ensure that everything work good and it's safe to install. If you decide to install this AppImage app in your Linux system you do it at your own risk.

GkPackage Software Manager for AppImage 4.0 Stable
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Installation : GkPackage AppImage software manager

1) download the file
2) when the download finishes click the right button on the file > properties > permissions and click the box "allow to run file as a program "

3) click again with the right button of the mouse on file > open and automatically the installation phase will open in graphic mode, it will ask you for the admin password only in the installation phase of the GkPackage program
4) after installation you can delete the AppImage file from GkPackage because the program installs physically in the user folder:

The second GkPackage option if the user wants to install a package AppImage for all user it asks you for the admin password.

The third option allows you to install a AppImage package Gparted type. every time this type of program runs it will ask you for the admin password.

GkPackage automatically detects all the packages in all user folders. In the AppImage not installed window, GkPackage create a list and you can also run the selectioned AppImage without installing it and you can also create a direct link to the selected AppImage in your desk without installing it.

GkPackage allows you to install AppImage from the AppImage web. When you download it it will ask you if you want to save it in the hard disk or open with AppImage. If you use the last option it will automatically open the GkPackage installation menu when the download is finished in the folder /tmp GkPackage will automatically copy the AppImage in the hidden folder /home/user/.GkAppImageLocal/applications created by GkPackage

Watch the demonstrative videos for more details!
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